Applying "Bondo" to the Friendship

Linda: I have a thought from time to time that goes like this – “What if someday something catastrophic happens to me and my whole world is blown apart? Who will be around to help me pick up the pieces?” Oh, I’ve got family, but what if they are affected by the blow too? Having a “Bondo Friend” assures me that I will always have someone to help me through the tough stuff of life.

Want to know what a Bondo Friend is? A Bondo Friend is one who sticks by you and won’t come unstuck. The kind of friend who will be there when the seasons change, the reasons fade, and best friends move on. A Bondo Friend won’t leave you – you’re stuck together by a bond. You might try to wiggle your way out at times, but in the end you won’t really want to. It’s for life. It’s for keeps.

Kathy: I have this pair of really cool Ann Klein shoes that I love to wear. One day the bottom of the right shoe came unglued. There it was, lost and forlorn by itself in the parking lot. I took it to my office and tried to salvage it with Elmer’s glue. Walking out to the car I lost it again. It didn’t hold. It was the wrong kind of glue. The good news was that The Friendship Doctors now had a fabulous reason to go to the mall – the shoe repair shop is right down from MACY’S. Yeah! The shoe repair guy used the right kind of glue to fix the shoe. Wallah!

Wearing my shoes once again, I noticed this time that the left shoe was coming unglued and the bottom was hanging by a thread. It too, needed the right kind of glue. However, I’ve chosen to put off the repair to remind me of the significance of Bondo. Like the shoe, a friendship can become unglued unless it has the right kind of staying power. The wear and tear of life has a way of messing with relationships. All kinds of things can blow friends apart. What can make a friendship stick? BONDO.

Linda: Wow, what an awesome concept – A friend who sticks by your side forever. Forever…what does that mean? Forever if it works? Forever if circumstances permit? Forever if I feel like it? No, you make it work. You don’t let circumstances unglue you, and when your feelings start to falter, you stick. Those who dare to slap Bondo onto their friendships will find it to be the most incredible, precious, and life changing opportunity of a lifetime.

Friend Coaching Tip: Apply Bondo to your friendship to make it stick for a lifetime.


~ by thefriendshipdoctors on December 7, 2009.

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