Your turn or mine?

Linda: Hold on, you may be wondering why I was pushing Kathy around Macy’s in a wheel chair. Don’t worry, she’s OK! Here’s what happened: the day before she had a migraine. When this occurs it zaps her and leaves her very weak. Probably the best approach to recovery is staying in bed. Not so with the Friendship Doctors. Shopping Therapy to the rescue! All I have to do is mention the mall and her ears perk up. Even if she is too tired, I’ll say, “We can take the wheelchair…I’ll push you!”

Kathy: What an amazing friend. Linda drives me to Macy’s and pushes me around for a shopping adventure via wheelchair. This is a perfect example of how my friend has been there for me during some of my most difficult life challenges. Often, Linda’s strong when I am weak. And there’s been times when the tables have been turned and she has needed my shoulder to cry on, a heart to understand, and an ear to listen, and that’s ok. We give each other permission to be the weak one.

I remember when we were in Honduras on a missions trip. Linda was the guest speaker at this cute little church and I was trying to listen and support her with my full attention. However, I could feel a sick migraine taking over my whole being causing my stomach great distress. I needed a bathroom ASAP! Little known fact: bathrooms are scarce in Honduras. But I went searching anyway.

Linda: While speaking, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Kathy get up. By the look on her face and how she was moving I could tell that something was wrong with my friend. Concentrating on my message was tough. I was distracted because I saw her walk out. A few minutes later I watched her walk back in. Then she walked out again. Poor gal, I felt so bad for her. I knew she wasn’t well. She finally came back in looking like death warmed over. After the meeting we boarded a bus and journeyed over the dirt roads, through the potholes, back to the camp we go. But bouncing up and down was not good for her tummy. All of the sudden Kathy looked at me and said, “I’m going to throw up.” Shoot! I’m thinking – this bus driver has got to pull over! But he wasn’t stopping! Just in the nick of time I found a bag for her to throw up in. She let it ALL go, and there I sat…holding “the bag”, cause that’s what friends do!

Kathy and Linda: It’s so fun when we are both doing great – the sky is blue and the flowers are blooming. Life however, is problematic. On any given day one of us may experience dark clouds blocking the sun and flowers wilting all around. Yuck! It’s on days like this we are grateful for the strength of the other. And we know too, it’s o.k. to take our turn being weak.

“Being a friend is easy when times are good or when you benefit from the relationship. But a true friend sticks by your side even when things get tough. This is the kind of friend you desire. But to have one, be one.” Author unknown

Friend coaching tip: Take your turn to be strong…and when you’re weak, know it’s o.k.


~ by thefriendshipdoctors on September 29, 2009.

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